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About Escape Monthly

dreamingescapeEscape Monthly was born from the love of travel and relaxation. Each month, we bundle majestic experiences into a new ‘Escape’ delivered right to your doorstep, helping everyone and anyone escape to that place they cherish so deeply in their hearts—their paradise.

Each month, members escape to the world’s most luxurious destinations and indulgences, from exotic retreats to the most luxurious spas and from celebrated events to experiences loved world wide. Escape Monthly brings these experiences right to your doorstep.

What’s Inside Escape Monthly?

Each box includes:
Escape Monthly is full of destination-themed luxury products

  • Pamper & Indulge with Full-Size Luxury Products From Bath, Spa & Beauty…
  • …to Gourmet Snacks & Gift Certificates!
  • A treasure trove of artful content filled with unique tips and local secrets
  • All the tools you need to relax, unwind, and pamper!

We theme our boxes and these items around our core beliefs, and we define ourselves with three elements: travel, relaxation, and pampering.

Travel, because the World is Yours to be Seen! 

The world holds so many incredible places – so many incredible cultures. Truly, it seems that as we discover more of ourselves, something new is found along the way. We believe every person should experience this world first hand.

facemaskRelaxation, because Life can Wear You Down! 

The hustle and bustle of the working life leaves us feeling downtrodden, weary, and exhausted. Escape Monthly focuses every box on unwinding and relaxation. It’s about releasing stress, recharging the soul, and bringing ourselves back to life. This is your escape!

Pampering Yourself, because You Deserve It!

You work hard. You apply yourself. You set your goals high. But don’t forget to truly love and pamper yourself – you deserve it! Escape Monthly makes it that much easier to show yourself just how much you care. Embrace better health, enchanting beauty, and a calming, soothing ethos.

So Go Ahead—Escape Monthly!

What are you waiting for? You deserve to enjoy the life you live. Join Escape Monthly Today and begin your journey to pure bliss. This exclusive membership is available, just for you.